1.29.2011 Free Play WON 3 UNITS

[504] Memphis Grizzlies -9.5 Washington Wizards (0 units) WON 3 UNITS

Nick Young sinks a 19 foot 2 point jumper to tie the game, and go to double overtime: Wizard's DOT Beat For a good portion of this game the +10.5 point underdogs held the lead to break their winless road streak (0-22! Ouch). This game hurts. Nick Young will be wishing that he had ran another route there to grab a 3 pointer. The defenders will wish they could have stopped dumb drives through traffic…meanwhile, the Grizzlies are feeling Great. They are off a win pulling 42 points in the fourth quarter to more than take down the 76ers. The Grizzlies are heated up right now to get .500 and at this point in the season that is one of the few things I like teams with little playoff implications to go for. Before this game they are 23-24. That is a good approach in most sports that get down to the wire. Teams start playing for morale victories…like breaking even…or getting their first road win 🙂

Smart money is on this game, and actually the Kings as well I think. Take a look at some polls: people think the Wizards are going to cover +9 today yet the line already moved to 9.5 Hmm. Get it before the key. It may keep moving or the public may reverse it. I don't know.

Go Grizzlies.

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