2.11.2015 Selection Results

Nothing for today.
3 Team Parlay:
#051 DALLAS +1.5 WON
(0.31 to win 1 unit) WON!
Smaller edge on Dallas, but a strong projection of “EQUILIBRIUM” on that game…
…which means that it is a pretty solid 50/50 proposition: anyone could win. We have the odds of a 1 point game extremely high for Dallas.
The other two have strong raw number edges and pass a few extra filters.
Game Score Status Pick Amount
Denver 10:30 PM ET L.A. Lakers -1.5 1.00
L.A. Lakers    pending…

Here is a system that has improved since it went into the database:

It is currently at 111-241 (31.7%) now as a fade system (today of course fading Denver).
Basic raw number as well on this one…
Good luck,
Systems57-34 +28.82 units

(Not part of record below)

(Last Update 2.9.2014)
NHL 2014: 38-24-8 +8.59 Units
NBA 2014: 52-43-4 -5.07 Units
CBB 2014: 18-26-2 -6 64 Units
NFL 2014: 49-40-2 +12.07 Units
3886-3496-189 +602.94 Units
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