$50 Subsciption

$50 dollars a month…PayPal will handle that. I will get a notification of when I receive payment. If you are new, then I would like to go over the basics with you (money management mostly). If you are not new, but your earnings do not reflect our records (by a drastic amount), I would also like to refresh for you how to bet like a pro (which we can do in this thread). For the rest of you…you may now subscribe to this service by clicking the following link or button, and providing me with the following account details in a follow up email: YOUR FULL NAME, YOUR EMAIL (that you wish to receive plays at), and YOUR BETTING UNIT SIZE (not required, but helpful for me), and IMPORTANT: I NEED YOUR PAYPAL RECEIPT TRANSACTION NUMBER TO CONFIRM: https://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/websc…=M&src=1&sra=1 Thank Guys, Tom

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