Basketball Shooting Drills – Grab a beer! Denver WINS

NBA Beer Money Play:

[504] Denver Nuggets +4.5 over the Boston Celtics (0.25 units) WIN

Basketball shooting drills"This play comes in as a pretty solid one, but I just can't take it for more than beer money (beer money, meaning the amount of money a beer might cost you….a beer from the Oakland-Alameda County Coliseum (Beer Scam video in the link). To be honest, I'm just going with my numbers, and I've sort of ignored the trade drama. Denver does really great ATS and SU as a home dog that just won by double digits where they has twice and many assists as they did turnovers. That is in reference to the Memphis beat so if anyone is wondering: is this team really much different now? I think the answer is, but maybe I'm wrong."

Wish I went heavier on this one. The player trades scared me, but looking over it again there were two things staring me right in the face on this one. Denver needed this game to prove themselves WITHOUT "MELO." That's the big one, but the other thing is simple: Boston sucks playing up in the mountains. Probably a oxygen related give out. If you don't believe me take a look at how some other low altitude teams do in the 4th quarters in Utah and Denver. Boston is 1-7 wins straight up in Denver! You have to figure this game would have at least been close. Anyways…altitude…altitude. Always remember that one.

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