Big Easy Winner on Top Play

Game Score Status Pick Amount
Minnesota 0 7:10 PM ET Under 9.5 1.50
Boston 1    (Top Play)
Everything adds up on this one:
*Raw total numbers are 73-36 +35.2 units this season*
*Raw Unders are 33-13 +19.35 units this season. Under 9 or 9.5 are 11-2 combined!
I think that there is some psychology there with 9 and 9.5 being good spots. Today Over 85% of the public bets are on the Over here. I think that the public sees 9.5 and 9 and thinks that the inherent advantage is the Over at double digits is the key mark. The key mark though in all of MLB is 9! So 9.5 has inherent value for the Under. Sharp money on the under here too. With everyone slamming the Over, why isn’t the total going up or getting plus odds?

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