How MLB Teams do On the Fourth of July

Some Interesting Fourth of July Facts since 2004:

For me, the end of June to early July marks a point in the season when teams start to play with a little more passion. Team cohesion begins to solidify, and the teams destined for the playoffs start to pull away more. American Independence Day is a passionate holiday. I wouldn't base any wagers off them strongly, but I'm not sure if I would go strongly against the grain either. Here are some things to know:

Teams with the best home field records on the Fourth since 2004:

Padres 4-0 (100.0%) 
Phillies 4-0 (100.0%) 
Indians 4-1 (80.0%) 
Rays 2-0 (100.0%) 
Mets 2-0 (100.0%) 
Rockies 5-2 (71.4%) 
Pirates 3-1 (75.0%) 
Brewers 2-0 (100.0%) 
Nationals 4-2 (66.7%) 
Cardinals 3-1 (75.0%) 
Reds 3-1 (75.0%) 

Teams with the best overall records on the Fourth since 2004:

Phillies 6-1   (85.7%) 
Padres 5-2   (71.4%) 
Mariners 5-2   (71.4%) 
Dodgers 5-2   (71.4%) 
Reds 5-2   (71.4%) 
Cardinals 5-2   (71.4%) 
Rockies 5-2   (71.4%) 
Athletics 4-2   (66.7%) 

Home favorites on this holiday have been big winners every single year but last (marginal). Since 2004 home favorites are 43-21 (67.1%) +10.95 units (avg. line -153). Home dogs are 22-15 (59.4%) +12.8, **but with inconsistency by season. All away teams are 38-67 -29.15 units since 2004 on the fourth of July or a flat +23.65 units fading them all (2 marginal losing years for that [2010 and 2005]).

So is there a better home field advantage on the Fourth based on this small recent sample size? Sure, and I wouldn't even bring it up if there wasn't some sort of logic. It's really borderline trivial, but I just wouldn't go against the home favorites at a minimum. Here are the plays today.

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