NFL Week #3

NFL WEEK #3 Plays
(2010-2011 Season):

Record: $2,091.00 (9/22/10) from $2,000.00 (8/26/10)
20-17-0 52.6% +4.55 units

Week #3 Plays:
I have some monster plays here. The lines are moving so I want to get them in now.
Remember what I said about a good capper beating the lines?
You’ll thank me later in the week on some of these…hopefully.

Cincinnati Bengals -3 -110 against the Panthers
(Take the BENGALS -3 for $33 – 1.5 UNIT bet based on $20 units)

Baltimore Ravens -10 -110 against the Browns
(Take the RAVENS -10 for $154 – 7 UNIT bet based on $20 units)
-Straight up emotion here with the Ravens. I am projecting a 27-14 win for the black birds at home.

Tennessee Titans +3 +100 against the Giants
(Take the TITANS +3 for $20 – 1 UNIT bet based on $20 units)
-Projecting 29-24 for this away dog.

Atlanta Falcons +4.5 -110 against the Saints
(Take the FALCONS +4.5 for $22 – 1 UNIT bet based on $20 units)
-Will the Saints ever be dogs this season? I love them, but there is always going to be a little bit of value betting the dog spread against them. I won’t always do this, but in this case I see an incredibly strong team knocking on their door this weekend. I am projecting a 23-20 win for the Falcons. You may actually consider a small wager on the money line for beer money.

**TOP RATED PLAY** (So far 2-0 on these [Giants week1 and Green Bay week2])
New England Patriots -14 +105
against the Browns
(Take the PATRIOTS -14 for $190 – 10 UNIT bet based on $20 units)
-The numbers are projecting a 27-13 victory here which isn’t a lot for this big spread, but there are so many positive factors working here for the Patriots to just demolish the lowly visiting Bills. This line is rolling as we speak. The public is on this which isn’t ever good for us, but I think the public is right here (not that I ever want to follow them). Notice how the linesmen and books prepared by creating an insanely expensive money-line… The Bills show signs of being the worst team in the league, and very few are going to find any value in taking the Bills here except in a middle attempt. This game just reeks of a slaughter though so I wouldn’t even bother middling. This game is the main reason why I am up at 4:00 AM getting these plays out to you quickly. I can see these line rolling past 14 and just not coming back. I’d get it while it’s hot!

Seattle Seahawks +6 -105 against the Chargers
(Take the SEAHAWKS +6 for $105 – 5 UNIT bet based on $20 units)
-I am projecting a 24-22 win for the Seahawks here at home. I haven’t been all that impressed with the Chargers personally. They had an easy win last week, and are going to walk right into a trap here in Seattle. People really underestimate the 49’ers and I saw these guys take an easy win straight out of their hands. ***This play you could probably wait on until closer to game-time. I honestly don’t see people getting on any Seahawks bandwagon. I suggest taking your time on this one…it is possible that it may roll to 7 which would be a great spot to be in here.

Dallas Cowboys +3 -115 against the Texans
(Take the COWBOYS +3 for $34.50 – 1.5 UNIT bet based on $20 units)
-I am projecting a 34-17 win for Boys here. There is a lot of pressure for Dallas to get a kick off in the season now, and home and away probably won’t be an issue this time with a lot of folks cheering on the Boys in Houston. The Texans want to keep the drive alive, but if they are going to collapse I think it will be today. Take the points.

Jacksonville Jaguars +3 -115 against the Eagles
(Take the JAGUARS -10 for $23 – 1 UNIT bet based on $20 units)
-I am projecting a 27-22 win for JAX.

Miami Dolphins -1 -120 against the Jets
(Take the DOLPHINS -1 for $24 – 1 UNIT bet based on $20 units)
-I pick the Dolphins here for a smaller bet to keep their hot run alive at home in Miami against a shaky (yet tough) Jets team. I am projecting only a 16-18 game here for the FINS, but I think that they’ll surprise a lot of people here. Take a point on the Fins.


After some observation of line moves and internal affairs we have decided upon several additional plays. This is a big week. As I mentioned before, you are going to make sure that your base unit is 1% or less; no more.

For NFL Week #3 I am ADDING:

6pt. Teaser ATL Falcons +10.5 and the
NO/ATL under 56
(Take the TEASER -110 for $33 – 1.5 UNIT bet based on $20 units)
-Already have ATL booked for a unit. Don’t go for more than that..

Minnesota Vikings -11 over the Detroit Lions
(Take the VIKINGS -110 for $66 – 3 UNITS bet based on $20 units)
Favre and company are now 0-2. They have to prove they are for real, and beat up on somebody….Enter the poor Detroit Lions. Minnesota simply has their number, beating the Lions 20 out of the last 21 games. Adrian Peterson will easily have a huge game, which will set up play-action and short-yardage opportunities for Brett Favre. As if he’ll need them. Detroit’s secondary is an abomination, as they are currently ranked 31st in that department, allowing 9.5 yards per pass attempt. Detroit is stuck with Shawn Hill in the quarterback position, and he young, inexperienced, and he isn’t Stafford.

Tampa Bay Bucs +3 over the Pittsburgh Steelers
(Take the BUCS -120 for $36 – 1.5 UNITS bet based on $20 units)

Arizona Cardinals -4.5 over the Oakland Raiders
(Take the CARDINALS -110 for $33 – 1.5 UNITS bet based on $20 units)

For NFL Week #3 I am RE-TAPPING:

Tennessee Titans +3 +100 against the Giants
(Take the TITANS +3 for $40 – 2 UNIT bet based on $20 units)
***This is now a total of 3 units on the Titans***
Additional thoughts: One of the best plays over the years, is to bet against the loser of Monday Night Football. The Manning brothers match-up was way over hyped, and the Giants looked horrible. The Titans are 20-12 ATS in the underdog roll over the last couple of years…and we love the dogs..The Titans were sloppy in their loss last week, and will be re-focused this week as they are the better defense limiting the Steelers last week to only 78 yards on the ground. Tennessee simply out played Pittsburgh last week in their loss, but were extremely sloppy. (My condolences if you bet the Titans last Sunday… you got screwed) Vince Young also has the better offense, and they are getting a gift field goal in the spread.

Dallas Cowboys +3 over the Houston Texans
(Take the COWBOYS -110 for $66 – 1.5 UNITS bet based on $20 units)
***This is now 3 units total on the Cowboys***
Additional thoughts: This is a must-win game for them. If they’re 0-3 going into their bye, they risk falling two games behind everyone in the NFC East. Jerry Jones’ Team can’t afford to be 0-3. The Texans embarrassed the Cowgirls in a nationally televised preseason contest; the revenge factor is in play. This is the first time Houston has been favored in this rivalry. Look at the point spread, the books are baiting the public into betting Houston. Everyone is high on Houston and down on the Cowboys. If Vegas really wanted equal action, they would have made Houston -4.5 or -5. We warned you last week about Dallas, again it’s one of the teams we are in sync with.

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