Sports Betting or Sports Investing

What is the difference between Investing and Sports Betting – Is there a really a big difference in these two strategies. Is the wall street investor just a euphemism for a fantasy way to say the word…Gambler. Professional Sports investors imply they can place their wages on the outcome of a particular event, is that any different that predicting the outcome of a blue chip stock on wall street.

Most people who bet or wager on sports disregard the traditional forces at play, they are more interested on just betting there favorite team or playing hunches. Many believe, the advice of there local "sport-handicapping guru" on who is going to win a game, is a much better opinion.

Do people really earn money this way? The simple fact is the vast majority lose because they are only guessing.  

How do you separate yourself from the pack and take control of your fiscal financial future?  One answer is to invest in sporting activities either by being a professional or consulting with one. Here are some factors to take into account:

1 Take a look at and have respect for historical forces inside the play of the game.  For instance, the Baltimore Orioles and Pittsburgh Pirates are the worst teams in baseball.  These two bad teams will lose nearly 100 games this year. Nevertheless that means that they will still win 60 games. The ability to determine the historical forces inside of each game, is the difference between winning and losing.  Betting against a lousy team won't work by itself, you have to utilize the favorable odds that are offered pertaining to each event.

2 As in life, you need a back-up plan. Regardless of how much the outcome of a wager is perceived to be a "lock" you will never be betting on a sure thing, unless they let you bet when the game is over. That is the biggest downfall of most players – betting on sure things that don't exist.  And they don't exist any more than hoping IBM stock will be selling for $300 a share next year and betting on it. 

3 Investing in a established system based on past results will help you to get the human emotion and psychological side of sports out of the equation. To people who always play using human emotions they will continue to lose. Take the highway less traveled and reap the rewards!

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