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Free Basketball Picks 2.23.2011

2.23.2011 NBA Apex Charting Sacramento Kings +14 over the Orlando Magic *** WIN New York Knicks -7 over the Milwaukee Bucks X LOSE Atlanta Hawks +3 over the Phoenix Suns X LOSE Utah Jazz +7 over the Dallas Mavericks ** LOSE Indiana Pacers -8 over the Detroit Pistons X LOSE Washington Wizards +9.5 over the Philadel... More

BasketBall Shooting Drills 2.22.2011 (6-3 +$270)

2.22.2011 (6-3 +$270) NBA Apex Charting Indiana Pacers -1.5 over the Washington Wizards *** WIN Toronto Raptors +6.5 over the Charlotte Bobcats X LOSE Miami Heat -13 over the Sacramento Kings ** WIN Houston Rockets -1.5 over the Detroit Pistons X WIN Los Angeles Clippers +8.5 over the Oklahoma City Thunder ** ... More

Free Selections Results (6-4 +$160)

The Cavs were a free selection to break a historically bad 26 game losing streak. NBA Apex Charting Portland Trails Blazers -3 over Toronto Raptors **** WIN Indiana Pacers -8 over the Minnesota Timberwolves ** WIN New Orleans Hornets +9 over the Orlando Magic **** WIN San Antonio Spurs -3 over the Philadelphia 76ers ... More

NBA Apex Charting Results (to date) +13 units – Free Daily

You can find free daily NBA game leans here: http://www.procomputergambler.com/nba-apex-charting/ More