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-1 Runline Calculator -1RL Calculator

The -1RL is NOT the -1.5RL: The Money line and the Runline are two type of wagers offered by most books. The -1RL is something that you have to calculate yourself…most of the time. Some books do have this wager, and actually the ones that do essentially charge you a fee for putting it together. The -1.5 RL will ... More

Las Vegas: World Series Potential Winner

We are looking at the Cincinnati Reds' seasonal performance based expectancy. The blue line represents how well they have been performing in the last 15 days while the red line represent a cumulative performance data to date. Any deviation from the two lines usually means the team is under-performing or over-performing to ... More

2010 NFL Mock Draft

My first round NFL Mock Draft:1. St. Louis Rams: Dez Bryant, WR, Ok State This is a team desperately in need of an offensive playmaker. Bryant is one of the best. I know this one sounds crazy, but it might be crazy enough to work.2. Detroit Lions: Eric Berry, S, UT The Lions could use a second playmaker next to Louis ... More