Urgent – Paypal Servers are Currently Down

If you are already subscribed and haven't been billed, do not subscribe again. The reason you haven't been billed is some lag/technical difficulties PayPal is having. I'm sorry for any confusion this may have caused.

One other thing: if you are new, and just signed up, please send me an email at support@procomputergambler.com with your Name and the email you would like to receive plays at. Also, please include your transaction ID.

Thanks guys,



UPDATE: We are on a huge 12-3 winning run. As always I caution followers to jump on the bandwagon, and take a hit because of a common correction. While I am happy that we are winning so much I will continue to again and again caution strong money management. It is just so important and so forgotten. Email me if you are confused about anything. I have suggestions. I am not telling anyone how to manage their money, but I do have pretty good tips on how to succeed. You have to do this all very gingerly, and pick your battles wisely. Not a lot of action and a big card of plays today. Some may mock me for not captilizing, but that is fine. We do betting than those guys in the long run, and that is what matters more.

We still have this Paypal problem, and I wanted to sticky this post. That is why I am posting here.

Thanks for you patience with that matter.

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