2-0-1 +2.00% Yesterday

Thursday, November 20

Kansas State267:00 PM ETKansas State +2.51.00
West Virginia20   WINNER!

Most of the public has been on W. Virginia so far pushing this line from PK -110 ; 2 and a half points to +2.5. It might go to +3 which would be really huge to get.

Bet is on Thursday by the way. I put up raw numbers for NCAAF for Today til Friday and as usual, I will have the rest for Saturday out on Thursday afternoon along with NFL.
Check this out:
In his career with Kansas St. (so since 1989 and not including some years), Bill Snyder turns into the Hulk ATS after being blown out in a conference game:

After a double digit blowout he’s 33-10-0 (8.56, 76.7%) ATS
After a 13 or more points blowout he’s 22-4-0 (12.35, 84.6%) ATS
After a 25 or more points blowout he’s 14-1-0 (15.67, 93.3%)
After a 30 or more points blowout he’s 9-0-0 (21.50, 100.0%)

West Virginia is going to be tough though. This would be good in a 6 point teaser fyi.

Nothing for today although raw numbers continue to do well going 5-1 ATS on the top 6 (4-0 on the top four).

Thursday, November 20

Minnesota37:00 PM ETMinnesota -1201.00
Philadelphia2   WINNER!
Chicago49:00 PM ETChicago -1 +1201.00
Calgary3   Pushed

Raw numbers are hot: 65-29 +24.96 Units this season. Both of these are basic qualifiers that pass a few extra checks I’ve been liking that have brought us to 20-8-2 +10.68 Unitson official selections.

Nothing for today. Nice 3-0 yesterday. Lean for today is on Sacramento, but they’ve got no raw number edge.

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