2-0 on Today’s MLB and NHL…

Hit the Big one on the Miami Dolphins +108 yesterday (they crushed the Titans 38-10!) – the runner up on Denver -4 is a bitter loss and it isn’t the first time Peyton Manning lost me a bet by a single point or half point. Is he so good that he is just going off of: it only takes 1 point to win or something? Ugh…I’m seeing a pattern and will be more hesitant to take the favorite line with Manning and Denver.
We hit the small teaser and have the other half won with the Giants pending for tomorrow with a bunch of points. That would make it a 3-1 NFL weekend. We’ll see tonight…Go Giants!
Today’s Action:
:05PM Kansas City Royals (J. Cueto) vs Toronto Blue Jays (M. Stroman)

Toronto Blue Jays -158
1 unit
*Raw Numbers are 20-5 +18.77 units in the playoffs since 2003 with line of -200 or less
Today’s Action:
Passing saved us a 1-2 OT loss on the Rangers (I passed after checking my Killersports NHL Systems).
*That takes raw number down a rung from  4-0 +4.00 units to 4-1 +1.75 units. Compare that to the same batch of 5 plays that I wittled down to 3: 3-0 +3 units.
Passing is like the President’s power to veto…only better. You have to ability to actually see what either decision would have yielded. The main thing, I’ve found though that can be the problem here is how difficult it can feel to keep your betting paradigm Consistent day to day. We’re happy when we pass, but how about when the not-passing record is much better? The answer is: you absolutely should be unphased and stick to your guns (this answer / ‘waffling’ is for you Lucas).
For today we do have one:
7:05PM San Jose Sharks vs New York Rangers

New York Rangers -125
1 unit
*Basic+ Raw numbers went 61-37-10 +22.55 Units last season on the blind.
Simple as that really. Just check if there is anything big that goes against (like yesterday’s big system).
Nothing going against this one either way.
The Under comes close as well, but passing.

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