2.21.2015 Results: 4-1 +4.0 Units

Cornell517:00 PM ETCornell +101.00
Yale62   One point loss

Since 2006, bad offenses (ppg < 1 stdev from median) are 455-298-14 (60.4%) ATS as big, undervalued road dogs.

PENNSYLVANIA +15.5 and COLUMBIA -1 both come very close.
I might put down a little on the side with these later depending on how lines move…
Cornell is mostly a technical play, but my two cents is that the line is too high….linesmakers know how the public would react to a 21 points loss….but it was on the road and Courtney (head coach of Cornell) is in a “spot” here now.
A couple of areas that I could see Yale struggling or slacking with will be in their rebounding ability and their ability to create turnovers / takeaways against Cornell thus leading to a closer game than 10 points. Sprinkle in a little predicted motivation that Cornell might have….we’re buying at a valued low here and selling off high. Similar things with Penn and Columbia…

Colorado (W)48:30 PM ETColorado +2051.00
Chicago1   WINNER!

Balls to the wall. +205 on Colorado. 32% implied odds of this bet winning by

Vegas and raw numbers say it is better than +50% chance that ‘Rado takes the cake.
That’s a hell of an edge…
*NHL Raw Numbers (Basics) are 135-70 +38.62 Units*
This system is up +10.07 units this season.

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