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Sports Betting or Sports Investing

What is the difference between Investing and Sports Betting - Is there a really a big difference in these two strategies. Is the wall street investor just a euphemism for a fantasy way to say the word...Gambler. Professional Sports investors imply they can place their wages on the outcome of a particular event, is ... More

What is investing sport?

Before I learned to invest about sports, I was placing a big bet on the game that I wanted to know some more hit and a few other good looking games. To cap off the day, I want one or two small bets for shits and giggles site. I quickly learned that this is not a successful equation. It is the easy way to despair and to get ... More

Free Weekly Selection

  [114]  Tampa Bay Buccaneers -6 over the Seattle Seahawks (Take the BUCCS to win $0 -- bet based on $00 units) [UPDATE] FREE PICK WINS GO BUCCS! $$$ SIGN UP HERE FOR ALL PLAYS:  https://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/websc…=M&src=1&sra=1 PLEASE FOLLOW UP WITH YOUR NAME, EMAIL, AND RECEIPT ... More

San Diego CHARGERS Cash Big 2.5 units

[302] San Diego Chargers - 9 WIN over the San Francisco 49ers- (Take the BOLTS to win $50 or 2.5 UNITS bet based of $20 units) Another game panning out just like we thought it would. No surprises. Just slow easy gains with us. Here was out write-up in case you missed it. QUOTE: The 49ers looked really great last week ... More

$50 Subsciption

$50 dollars a month...PayPal will handle that. I will get a notification of when I receive payment. If you are new, then I would like to go over the basics with you (money management mostly). If you are not new, but your earnings do not reflect our records (by a drastic amount), I would also like to refresh for you how to ... More

What does a World Series Champ look like?