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Sports Picks 6.30.2012 Trend of the Day

The San Diego Padres are now 0-13 (-3.7 rpg, -13.4 units, -100% roi) this season after allowing 3 runs or less in two straight games. Sorry Padres; the mark of a loser team is one that can't sustain the good performance or win streak. Feel free to bookmark this trend for later use. We don't expect much to turn around for ... More

6.29.2012 Sports Picks Results

Sport Game Score Pick Amount Result Units MLB Boston 5 Seattle +100 1.00 LOSS -1.00   Seattle 0 Under 8.5 1.00 WON +1.00 MLB Philadelphia 2 Over 7.5 1.00 WON +1.00   Miami 6         More

Sports Picks 6.29 Trend of the Day

Whether the third or fourth game of a series or just a double revenge game (lost their last two to this opponent), the Phillies are 16-2 +13.75 units over the total this season. More

6.28.2012 Sports Picks Results

Sport Game Score Pick Amount Result Units MLB Chi. White Sox 4 Under 10 1.00 WON +1.00   NY Yankees 3         More

Sports Picks 6.28 Trend of the Day

The New York Mets are 21-4-2 +3.3 rpg, +16.65 units (+54.6% roi) over the total this season against left handed starters. This is 12-1 on the road. How many runs will be scored in Los Angeles today? More

Sports Picks Trend of the Day

San Francisco Giant's starter for 6.27, Tim Lincecum is only 0-9 (-3.4 rpg, -10.57 units) this season. Ouch! Can Tim and the Giants turn it around today? More

What Are Good Backtesting Filters?

A good sdql filter is something like: 'and 7<=total<=9' totals 7 and 9 in MLB are the two most common (relatively frequent).   So we talk about logic in queries here a lot now. What does filtering out totals outside of that high frequency range mean?   It means that we're going to focus on equilibrium. I've ... More