3-0 ATS Yesterday

Nothing for today. We’re probably going to have around 30-40 selections total for the season, and they’ll come at 1 per 3-4 days on average. Can’t predict when. Some days might have two. Just a heads up: that’s how this CBB season is going to go. If you want more action, as always, check out the raw numbers; they’re already off to a nice start here.
Nothing for today.
Wednesday, November 19
San Antonio927:00 PM ETSan Antonio +20.50
Cleveland90   WINNER!
Dallas1057:00 PM ETDallas -2.50.50
Washington102   WINNER!
New York998:00 PM ETMinnesota -1.50.50
Minnesota115   WINNER!
I like Minnesota here, but for a half unit as the raw numbers are stronger on other things. I think you’d make some profit if you also considered: San Antonio, Phoenix and/or Toronto, but I’m passing on those.
Minnesota is backed by under 30% of the public bets as small home favorites. We have a 3-9 teams (NY) vs. a 2-7 team and for whatever reason the public likes the 3-9 team.
Minnesota went on a horrific streak SU and ATS (0-5 SU and 0-5 ATS), but they’ve had 4 days to stew on it. A huge break. Meanwhile, expect New York to come out flat here on a back to back road loss by just 4 points and over 225 points scored.
Add to that, Minnesota started the season 4-0 ATS so we know they have it in them to get back to that. They’ve also have a much much more difficult schedule so far than New York. This is their game to get back in it.

Go ahead and take San Antonio and Dallas as well. They were on the edge before. Now I’m seeing sharp money on them so let’s go ahead and take them.

NBA Raw numbers are 24-14 +9.3%

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