3-0 Today in NHL

Saturday, October 18

Toronto07:00 PM ETDetroit -124 (Top Play)1.00
Detroit1  WINNER!
NY Islanders17:00 PM ETPittsburgh -1 +1150.50
Pittsburgh3  WINNER!
St. Louis69:00 PM ETSt. Louis -1210.50
Arizona1   WINNER!
A play on the +1 puckline here today for our 3’rd official selection of the year. I’m staying small on this one (to it to win 0.5 units) because it is still early in the season, and not everything adds up for Pittsburgh. I don’t have many games like this one behind us that I can compare to. With that said…
*The New York Islanders are 4-0 with little rest putting up at least 4 goals in each game. Pittsburgh is 2-1 now off of a loss playing a home game. We have lots of indications that NYI takes a break in this game realizing that the season needs some pacing. This may of may not happen, but if that dynamic were to occur, which is likely, it would probably be a blowout for the Penguins.
In Detroit:
I keep thinking about how they want to tear down the stadium in Detroit and how the whole city is in shambles. Seems to me that we have an angle here betting the Redwings throughout the season. People in Detroit and from Detroit love their sports teams. It represents some sort of hope for the city that currently doesn’t have much….Anyways, that’s just a thought, its not a reason why this is a play at all. Just something to think about this season maybe.
*Most of the bets are actually on the Leafs. I love the. People get down on a team when a key guy is out, but raw numbers take injuries into account and we’re not making as big of a deal about Datsyuk here as other bettor’s are. Seems public bets brought this one down from -140 and here we’ll strike. Might go even lower, but I’m seeing indication of smart money coming in now on the Wings.

Detroit just broke a streak with a blowout win vs. a division rival. I like Babcock in this spot. I pointed out before that the team gets down after the close losses, but they ride momentum very well. This is their spot to play well. Let’s back them with some added value and raw number support.

Good luck, nice win for Purdue by the way. No one saw them coming there, namely the other team.

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