3/27 NHL


LA Kings -170 (3 units)
Boston Bruins -125 (3 units)

Record: 37-25-2 57.8% (+47.85 units) +$9,570.00

A little something I don’t normally do, but I am going to get some good plays for the remaining games of the NHL. A good friend (Terry, in the most below) mentioned an excellent betting strategy for betting the last games of NHL regular season. As this is a free and educational blog I will share this knowledge (credit to TodaysAction):

“**************************************** ************
Something to think about between tonight and the end of the
regular season, hit/play-on teams trying to secure and/or better
their seeding for at least three times your normal unit. For
if you like DET to win tonight and your normal unit is $10, make
this game for $30. If they lose, play them next time for $40 and
forth until you get your win. The only thing that will prevent you
from cashing on them is if they drop each and every remaining
game – it could happen, but most likely not going to. If the played
on team, DET in this example, wins you can either be done or opt
to go again for your normal rate, $10 this example, and once you
a win, then STOP. These are some of the unlisted plays for the
remainder of the season. If you plan on going for the second win
be certain you really know your play-on team especially as the
games decrease. Generally speaking, if I haven’t gotten the first
by the third game, I skip the second one. Enjoy the free money.
**************************************** *************”

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