4-0 Day in MLB and NBA

***Canadian Football 2015 Season Starts JUNE 25TH***
*Raw Numbers will be available for Week 1.
*Official email selections will be made once things are clickin’
*Killersports CFL systems and trends will be available.
The season ends 175-84 +57.31 units with the Blackhawks winning the Stanley Cup and bringing in one more win.
Over in MLB, things have not been as easy as that. The gap between divisional results and non-divisional results remains wide with interleague bets missing the mark yesterday.
***My plan is to keep giving out plays for everything (non-division + interleague), but I highly suggest playing it safe and sticking with what works: divisional basics and unders.
I will make a note when a bet is a divisional one…
Game Result Status Pick Amount
Cincinnati WINNER! 7:08 PM ET Under 9 1.00
LA Dodgers WINNER! 8:05 PM ET Under 9 1.00
*MLB Raw Number Unders are 13-8 +4.6 units.*
Interesting trend supports one of the two:
Two Team Parlay:
#954 Houston Astros ML
#962 Baltimore Orioles ML
(0.78 units to win 1 unit) WINNER!
Consider the Golden State Warriors here. They’re doing exactly what we predicted in this series.
Today we have a good system on the Warriors:
I’m passing. I ran this one through a few filters and I think at -3.5 it lacks some value, but I think if you like it, give it a shot for a half unit or parlay the moneyline.

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