4-1 +3.23% Yesterday

Here is how the top four most heavily bet on games in the NFL went yesterday:
Miami +7 (Covered)
Detroit +6 (No Cover)
Washington +9 (Covered)
Ny Giants +4 (Covered)
Notice a pattern? Hugely bet on games. Public fade side goes 3-1 ATS.
It only takes one square game winning to make you believe that the tectonic plates of wagering have shifted. It will always work the same way: the squares will lose and the sharps will win. The books will always beat you unless you think like them and side on their bets.
Monday Nght Football
Baltimore348:30 PM ETBaltimore +31.00
New Orleans27   WINNER!
Nothing qualifies for today. As I said, there’ll be 20-30 selections for the season. I don’t know when they’ll come but they will. If you need action, refer to the raw numbers for now. That goes for all of the sports I cover.
Both of my raw number leans won go figure (Hamilton (W) and OVER (W) in Calg.)…
Minnesota47:30 PM ETMinnesota -1301.00
Florida1   WINNER!

Raw numbers now 72-34 +26.51 Units after yesterday’s win and official selection on Anaheim -200 winning by a single goal. I suggest taking the moneyline on this one as well. Public is all over the spread and we’re projecting a tight but very confident win if that makes sense and you watch hockey….a multi goal projected win vs. a single goal win doesn’t necessarily correlate to confidence. Just has to do more with how the individual teams play (eg. do they pull their goalie when down, how soon do they do it, do defenders push when down, etc.).


Orlando747:00 PM ETOrlando +90.50
Cleveland106   Lost
Portland1147:00 PM ETPhiladelphia +130.75
Philadelphia104   WINNER!
Phoenix1007:30 PM ETPhoenix +51.00
Toronto104   WINNER!

3 plays qualify although one recommendation I might make today is to just take Phoenix or take the other two smaller and TO RISK.

We have to take the Sixers with noses pinched: Since 1989, Huge Home Dogs over 10 points off of a loss are 121-72-2 ATS (62.7%) ATS
The Sixers are 4-2 ATS so far this season in this spot.
Folks, as much as we all don’t like the 76ers, you can’t deny this system and the raw numbers. This is about as powerful as they get of all of the systems I give out. At a very minimum, keep it in your back pocket and don’t ever go against it. Today, with a small raw number edge supporting the play we’ll bet the sixers….gun to my head. But remember this too: some of the best bets are the ones that are gut twisters. You know they’re the right thing to do, but make you feel physically ill. Under 10% of the public bets support Philly on the spread and moneyline. Vegas stands to make a killing tonight if the Sixers can show up and make the smallest effort to cover this enormous spread. Remember this too though, in case the bet loses and for those that have a tendency to believe that betting square is the wave of the future: if the Sixers lose this one Vegas will always make more per loss than you do per win.
Good luck today.


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