5.18.2014 Selections – Broke 600% Yesterday!

Alright. +601 units. That’s a lot if you haven’t heard. I have something to say that one of my dear friends Mr. Lance said to me once:

It was something along the lines of: hey when you go hot you gotta stop going on losing streaks right after.
He’s right. I don’t know why it happens, but I usually have a nice down after I just shot up (not that we’ve ‘shot up’ particularly hard right now). So anyways, I will keep on giving out picks as usual, but I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: when you’re up and happy with what you’ve made, don’t mess with fire. Do what you can to lock in profit. A strategy I like is to simply quit the season. But we’re not going to do that. That is only if it is late in the season so the other thing you can do, other than just pass more liberally is to drop your base unit back 20% (so like from 1 unit to 0.8 units) until equilibrium has had its way. On the other hand, if you think that idea is phooey; well then keep on betting; after all, that would be the most logical thing to do. Just some thoughts for you all on your own money management…

Atlanta2:15 PM ETSt. Louis -1 +1391.00
St. Louis   (Top Play)
Isn’t there a compelling urge to take every play on the board after you’ve been right for so long? Let’s just take STL today, it is our number 1 sure fire bet for today worth up to 2 units fyi.
***Under Mike Matheny, the Cardinals are 25-6 +16.44 units SU and 23-8 (74.2%, +24.62 units, +75.6% roi) on the runline with a well rested bullpen at home.
From yesterday: “Looking like we’ll definitely be laying off of Miami with the vast majority of the public bets piling on there. Remember: Miami is just like Indiana (arguably); they’ve both had incredibly easy schedules to get into the playoffs. Each team should be considered about equal so the value might be in the home dog at this point.”
Confirming that: smart money is definitely on Indiana now. Public has been hitting Miami and the line came back from a high of -3 to -2 for Miami. Looks easy right? Wrong. Take the Pacers or pass.
I don’t really want to touch it, but there is a ton of value on the Kings for +140?? That’s way too much credit to the Hawks. Remember: the Kings are a toughened team having faced the second most difficult SOS in NHL this season. The Under looks good. I would take them for a Unit a piece if you want to. Kings +140 and the Under. Strong leans.
Good luck,
(Last Update 5.18.2014)
NBA 2014: 78-66-1 +11.90 Units

MLB 2014: 72-67-5 +16.37 Units
NFL 2013: 54-24-1 +41.52 units
NHL 2013: 122-119-7 +14.71 units
3541-3133-159 +601.65 Units

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