Arizona Coyotes NHL Betting System

Sent from Daily Newsletter on 1/25/2016:
“For Today: Our email features a power NHL Sports Betting System backing the Arizona Coyotes. Read on…Raw number update: The NCAAB run ends; down a couple units yesterday. At 759-641 54.2% +85.95 units* overall for 2015. No dice on the “top” selections I’ve cherry picked out of the batch. NBA raw numbers continue their slide down to +13.6 units from around 30, but still positive. NHL Raw numbers making their way into the black…

Update: Since 12/18 NHL RN’s are looking good at 41-36 +6.72 units SU

NHL Betting System for Arizona Coyotes todayToday’s Action:

Jan 25 8:35 pm COYOTES vs Wild
Take: Coyotes +155 for 1 unit

Betting Trends:

*Teams are 17-29 since Jan 17, 2016 after a game on the road – Fade Wild
*The Wild are 11-17 since Dec 17, 2014 at home after a loss

Betting strategy

A betting strategy (also known as betting system) is a structured approach to gambling, in the attempt to produce a profit. To be successful, the system

SDQL Betting System:

(oA(goals,N=2)) / (tA(shots on goal,N=2)) < .09 and line > 145
SU: 599-975 (-0.70, 38.1%) avg line: 181.3 / -198.4 on / against: +$8,569

System Plain English:

Back Underdogs greater than +145 whose opponents are average less than 9% goals per the dog’s shots on goal in each of their last two….for 599-975 +85.69 units SU.

Go Arizona!”

Best NFL contrarian bets for divisional round

… advice last week and took Cincinnati with the points. That win pushes our record to 26-19 against the spread (57.78 percent) on the season. We hope to improve on those results with our newest contrarian betting system heading into the divisional round.

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