Best Sports Betting Site Goes 3-2 Yesterday for +1.25 units

If you’re looking for the best sports betting site, look no further. Here is an example of our daily newsletter showing yesterday’s results:

I dropped the price a bit on the PCG Trends here:
I refer to systems a lot in emails, but don’t always have the time to link to them. I get emails all the time asking for the links. If I could give you guys the systems for free along with this subscription I would; however, there are server costs that are not my obligation. I strongly encourage all of my clients to get my partner product.
The main reason you should get the PCG Systems at Killersports is because the go from active to inactive throughout the day. Some of you don’t open the emails until later or you’re line shopping before game time. You may want to pass later in the day if a major system goes active against one of my bets. Using this filter / method increases profits roughly 5-10%!
I will talk to Joe Meyer though and see if we can go lower on the current price ($27 / month) or maybe I can work out a deal where I share profits and systems are included in your subscription.
Today’s Action:
Note: We always do TO RISK for dogs and TO WIN for favs. I’m going to write it in today because we’ve had some new clients join up recently. After that though, everyone knows the drill.
7:05PM Miami Marlins (T. Koehler) vs Washington Nationals (J. Zimmermann)
[953] Miami Marlins +220
Risk 0.75 units
7:10PM Houston Astros (M. Fiers) vs Minnesota Twins (M. Pelfrey)
[968] Minnesota Twins +125
Risk 1.00 units
7:10PM Seattle Mariners (H. Iwakuma) vs Chicago White Sox (J. Samardzija)
[969] Seattle Mariners -105
To win 0.75 units
7:10PM New York Yankees (L. Severino) vs Atlanta Braves (M. Wisler)
[977] New York Yankees -185
To Win 1.25 units (Best Bet)
*All of today’s selections are supported by “Basic” to “Strong” Raw Number projections.
In Nationals:
Tis the season. Big +220 dog here:
That is a lot of roi: +33.8% ’nuff said.
In Minnesota:
Now at 16-6 +10.69 units with a whopping +42.8% roi.
A dog off of a win as a dog who scored under 4 runs and left under 14 men on base go 378-423 +10.6% roi SU.
In Chicago:
Another big time trend now at -54.78 units
In Atlanta: (Best bet)
The Yankees are rolling. They just put up 15 runs against Atlanta and now they’re road favorite. This system is HUGE money on the blind….”on the blind” = very few parameters yielding massive results.
Another System to fade Atlanta: 1. It is August. 2. You have a home dog of +110 or more 3. Off of a home loss or 1 run squeak by win where 3 to 10 runs were scored. 4. Not the last game of a series. This team comes out with a false sense of self and a resulting flat performance next game going just 69-168 (29.1%) SU -75.15 units and a huge +19.0% roi to fade
This one is running HOT at -88.36 units now.
Another very simple situation is since 2011; in August: a plus .500 road favorite (<-147) vs. a sub .500 team goes 123-50 +38.4 units.
Go Yankees.
Best of Luck,


(Last Update 8.29.2015)
CFL 15: 11-8-0 +1.55 Units
MLB 15: 155-145-4 +10.99 Units
NHL 14: 61-37-10 +22.55 Units
4122-3729-195 +632.37 Units

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