Big Winner Off Big Trend – Read!

Game Result Status Pick Amount
New Jersey WINNER! 1:00 PM ET Over 5 1.20
NY Islanders

Stronger play: At least statistically speaking, as this contains few parameters and has a 5.19 Z score. Is it logical though? I’m not sure. Can’t say I watch hockey enough or watch NYI and Jack Capuano enough to know how their team psychology works.

*The New York Islanders are 40-13-1 (75.5%) OVER the total since 2010 under head coach Jack Capuano after a close one goal win.

If you think it is LOGICAL that the Islanders would run up the score in the next game after a close (possibly lucky) win in their next game then maybe this play is worth a little cheddar. I look forward to some thoughts from you guys. Does it make sense or is it just the product of pure chance?


PS, Btw, the average score in these games was NYI 3.1 to Opponent 3.3 so they tend to put up good offense, but forget about defense it seems…

PPS, Either way, the raw numbers are backing this one so its worth at least one basic unit.

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