Sports Betting Systems

The Spread Betting System

One of the best ways to work the Spread Betting system is to flat bet your unit size as you go along. Once you begin to understand Sports Betting, you can opt for a higher amount of risk, higher leverage, more money risked per trade, and hopefully begin to earn more money. Remember that Rome wasn't built in a day. But ... More

How To Keep A Clear Head While Betting

There is no greater challenge facing those who handicap basketball, or any other sport, than that of keeping a clear mind when everything is going wrong and the winners are few and far between. The most talented of handicappers can bite the dust in this psychological battle, where knowledge and know-how can be reduced to ... More

Broncos to Kick Back

The NFL is less than a month away. After a summer of mind numbing baseball it is back to “America’s Game”, and not a second too soon. There hasn’t even been a pigskin thrown yet but predictions are already being bandied about for the Super Bowl, many are predicting a repeat of this year’s final between Denver ... More

Road Divisional Underdog System

Sent in our daily newsletter: "Folks, I thought I'd share one of my systems I'll be putting into the Killersports Trend package (discount link: ) that does particularly well in June coming up; I'll walk you through it. Keep this one in your ... More

Ten Tips to Become a Better Handicapper in Basketball

Tip #1: Look over all of the games to be played that day and pick out which team will be the outright winner in each game. Do this before you check the betting line on a game. Once you have your picks, check the betting line and ask yourself whether or not your chosen winners will cover the numbers. Tip #2: Make note of ... More

2011 Bowl Season Results

How to find today's action: 1. Type today's date in an eight digit format (YYYYMMDD) in the search box. Example: today is January 7th, 2012. Type in 20120107 to query today's projections. 2. If necessary, pull down the menu to display more games. Note: I've given you the option to "find" today's action amongst ... More

Why You Should Take Your Chances Betting on Football

From September to February, football wagers reign supreme in the realm of sports betting. The beloved sports brings non-stop action to bookmakers every weekend, starting on Thursday night and ending on Sunday. During the five month season, bookmakers are writing hundreds of thousands of dollars a day. Two decades ago, ... More