Covid-19 Interlude Newsletter Series Sample: NBA SPORTS BETTING SYSTEM

Never a bad time to get on board with PCG, even with sports on the bench right now due to the Covid-19 Corona Virus! Check out this recent NBA Sports Betting System we just sent out for example:

We are diligently doing a massive amount of off season research and preparing for the return of sports, possibly soon now. As we do off season research in the background for the general performance of the PCG product, we are sharing our research and most profound findings in the form of convenient SDQL systems. Each one of these is very valuable, and can be used for a lifetime!

Here is a recent excerpt from the Paying Customer Series:

While we are waiting for sports to continue, we’ve decided to turn our attention for the time being to both examining all season of any North American sport where the season as a whole had some sort of delay — as well as delivering to you guys some of our new SDQL systems for the upcoming MLB season as well as anything new in other sports.   

Here is a new system for wagering on Basketball in 2020, we’ll be adding to the database of PCG Systems for NBA today:


NEW 2020 NBA SPORTS BETTING SYSTEM:UNDER THE RADAR BAD DEFENSIVE ROAD FAVS This system starts off with a very robust and simple pinwheel.  

THE PREMISE:  Road Favorites that allowed 100 or more points in their last 4 games are 353-260-11 57.5% ATS. — SDQL: AF and tS(o:points>=100,N=4)=4 and season>=2009  

PINWHEEL:   AF and tS(o:points>=100,N=4)=4  

FINAL NBA SPORTS BETTING SYSTEM OVERALL RECORD: 353-260-11 57.5%   We’ll be working a bit more heavily right now (with the extra time due to COVID-19 postponements) on off season research and sharing our Newest Data and System with you in the remaining time prior to restart….

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