Cubs Might Start Winning?

It didn’t take long for Theo Epstein to lay down the law. At the Cubs Convention yesterday he stated, “ The organization would no longer tolerate players who enjoy the nightlife at the expense of getting a good night’s sleep.”

This is somewhat mind-blowing to me seeing what events took place during his last year in Boston, where players were boozing, ordering fast food, and playing video games during their off days.

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Cubs Theo Epstein

Epstein would go on to say, “It’s been a factor in ruining some careers.” I’m pretty sure if there is a sport traditionally known for its late night excursions, it would be baseball. Not to mention all the anecdotes we have heard over the years about players being drunk during perfect games and hitting home runs.

Theo then would go on to comment, ”And I’m sure it’s been an impediment to the Cubs in winning. … The approach we’re going to have is the opposite of laissez-faire. We’re not just going to say, ‘Oh, that’s the way it is. This is Chicago. Boys will be boys. I’m sure they’re going to get enough sleep and I’m sure they’ll show up the next day ready to play.’

“That’s a failure on the organization’s part. We have to take a very proactive approach in setting a high standard.”

In being proactive, Epstein will be handing out a pamphlet to every player in the organization outlining the terms and conditions of this new “sleep rule”

This will be hard to enforce however seeing that it’s tough to police players and employees once they leave the ballpark. Also, the temptation of the Chicago nightlife for younger players will be a tough task to face. Bars are open until 4 a.m. and Wrigleyville bars have became famous for players visiting them in wee morning hours, while also hanging their jerseys on the wall.

Players would go on to comment about the new rule, and the general consensus seems to be they’re in favor of it. Although I’m sure the older players are being the unsoliciting spokesman of the younger players who haven’t had a chance to have their “fun” out in Chicago and experience life in the limelight.

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