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PCG Beats Vegas with Raw numbers and Betting systemsYesterday: 4-1 +3.5 units from NBA and a big NHL dog…6-1 ATS on NBA Raw Numbers! Here’s an interesting story:
Yesterday, the PCG betting systems over at Killersports put out an active system to play the South Carolina Bulldogs. The system said fade the Hampton Pirates: any team off of a win allowing fewer than 5 assists now playing a team off a loss. No line on this game though at least that I saw, but the Bulldogs took it 67-62 SU. Good opportunity there to sneak a bet in with a local or a small book that lines the oddball games soft.


Update: Since 12/18 NHL RN’s are looking good at 42-36 8.27 Units since 12/05

Today’s Action:
Jan 26 7:35 pm Maple Leafs vs Panthers
Take: Maple Leafs +155

Key Trends:
*Teams are 20-6 since Jan 17, 2016 on the road after a game at home – Back the Leafs
*The Panthers are 12-23 since Nov 18, 2006 at home after a win as a home dog

Jan 26 7:35 pm Blackhawks vs Hurricanes
Take: Blackhawks -145

SDQL NHL System of the Day:
p:HW and po:goals = 0 and (month = 1 or month >= 10) and WP > 50
SU: 194-104 (0.72, 65.1%) avg line: -140.4 / 126.8 on / against: +$6,051 / -$7,438 ROI: +13.8%

System Plain English:
In Database History, plus .500 teams off of a shutout home win are 171-86 (66.5%, +62.38 units, +16.5% roi) SU in the first half of the season.
Go Blackhawks!


Update: Huge 6-1 ATS turn around yesterday
— 173-147 +18.65 Units Since 11/5 on NBA Raw Numbers now

Today’s NBA Action:
Jan 26 10:05 pm Kings vs Blazers (Best qualifier)
Take: KINGS +5.5 for 1 unit

The Trailblazers are 1-9-1 ATS (-6.91 ppg) since Apr 06, 2015 after a win as a favorite
The Sacramento Kings are 5-0 ATS (10.60 ppg) since Jan 04, 2016 on the road

Other Email Qualifiers:
Jan 26 7:35 pm Wizards vs Raptors
Take: Wizards +8 for 1 unit

Top NBA System of the Day: Backing the Wizards today
A and WP < 50 and o:WP > 50 and ats streak < 0 and o:ats streak > 0 and playoffs = 0 and season > 2002
SU: 210-739 (-8.44, 22.1%)
ATS: 529-401-19 (1.04, 56.9%) avg line: 9.5
Take a sub .500 team record Road Team for an ATS: 332-229-14 (1.37, 59.2%) record — with a losing ats streak vs. plus .500 winning ats streak. Money in the bank…

*Consider lighter / pass on:
Jan 26 7:05 pm Clippers vs Pacers
Take: Clippers -1

Jan 26 7:35 pm Heat vs Nets
Take: Heat -4

*Note: These last two (Clippers and Heat) qualify and have good systems going, but they’re road favorites getting public action…early action at least. If anything, put half on now and see what happens mid afternoon or closer to gametime. My guess is that the line goes against your favor on these in which case, I’d just sit with a half unit.

Maybe that thinking is getting a little too fancy. If you’re a grinder, there are basic annotations (raw number “nods”) on Dallas -7, Magic +6, Suns +3 as well….all of which I quite like as I also ‘quite like’ Raw numbers in general…Dallas looks especially appealing as an extra “email” bet….


Jan 26 7:00 pm Siena vs Niagara
Take: Siena -7.5 for 1 unit

*As always, NCABB Raw numbers of p:ATSm > 0.5 are ALL highly recommended*​
Siena is one possibly play of many today; they happen to fit a few extra bills, but consider passing as this “cherry picking” method is quite far from where the raw number start point’s record is. Another approach would be to play all half point edges or more for quarter units…

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