Daily Sports Betting Systems: Astros Today!

Here are some of the top sports betting systems we’re looking at for today: Yesterday we crushed it with the San Francisco Giants as a blog free play. They routed the Brew Crew 12-3 SU!

MLB Sports Betting Systems:

  1. The Yankees are 14-20 since Aug 05, 2015 at home – Playon Astros
  2. The Yankees are 7-24 since Sep 06, 2013 as a home dog – +15.84 units to fade – Astros
  3. The Giants are 15-0 SU as a 120+ favorite after a game in which they had multiple multiple-run innings and scored at least six runs.
  4. The Pirates are 17-0 RL as a home dog after they left 18+ men on base.
sports betting systems

Going to recommend fading the Yankees and giving the HOUSTON ASTROS -120 a shot. Take it to the bank…

NBA Sports Betting Systems:

  1. The Trailblazers are 0-17 ATS (-6.88 ppg) after a game on the road in which their opponent shot at least ten three-pointers and made at least 47.5% of them
  2. The Pelicans are 11-0 ATS (7.00 ppg) as a road dog when they won as an underdog in each of their last two games.
  3. The Timberwolves are 12-0 ATS (15.58 ppg) after a loss at home in which they shot at least 18 three-pointers and made less than a 25% of them.

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