Save $52,641.00 Fading the Public!

This first graph which averages (by day) casual sports consensus throughout 5 seasons  may surprise the seasoned pro. The public IS in fact, by and large enormously successful as far as picking the winners of games when in greater than 59% bulk consensus! In fact, on average there isn't a single point in the entire average of 5 MLB seasons where the covers "all players" public has been collectively worse than 54% SU using a 30 day moving average graph line! This first graph is an excellent macro shot of how even the most relaxed play callers NOT doing it for money fail time and again, in the same spots: the end of the season, the beginning of the season, and right smack dab in the middle of June. It never fails. It also never fails that the public is very correct in the months of July and August. Good bettors know this. July is a blind profit betting favorites month!

Frecreational betting consensus

The second graph tells a different story though, if we're talking about straight up dollars on the covers "all players" greater than 50% consensus. Simply wagering against the consensus (below 50%) would show profit (+$1242.00 …that's a measly roi…don't get excited, but do consider it to be your base system) while betting with the majority (greater than 50%) would show loss (-$52,641.00 [this is where the books cleanup]). Note: both of those figures are calculated using hypothetical $100 wagers.

Disclaimer: This study has been done only for the sole purpose of understanding the sport of Baseball from a macro perspective. The title of this post does not reference any actual loss of currency by myself or anyone else. If you are interested in participating in casual contest "betting" for no money as a hobby, provides and excellent domain for you to do this. Also, please understand that this information comes from a casual sports prediction contest website, and does not accurately depict the real betting market (but it serves its purpose in this case). 

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