Free Selections Results (6-4 +$160)

The Cavs were a free selection to break a historically bad 26 game losing streak.

NBA Apex Charting

Portland Trails Blazers -3 over Toronto Raptors **** WIN
Indiana Pacers -8 over the Minnesota Timberwolves ** WIN
New Orleans Hornets +9 over the Orlando Magic **** WIN
San Antonio Spurs -3 over the Philadelphia 76ers * LOSE
New Jersey Nets +6.5 over the Charlotte Bobcats * WIN
Cleveland Cavaliers +3.5 over the Los Angeles Clippers X WIN
Miami Heat -7.5 over the Detroit Pistons X WIN
New York Knicks +3 over the Los Angeles Lakers X LOSE
Memphis Grizzlies -5 over the Milwaukee Bucks LOSE
Utah Jazz -6 over the Phoenix Suns * LOSE

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