Baseball Picks 2010

Baseball Picks 2010

Hello Folks,

This is where we'll be having our official free sports picks thread. Baseball Picks 2010 If you have followed me in the past you may know that I post my sports opinions in various locations so I had this idea to make a blogspot. Baseball Picks 2010 I intend to put my official sports picks here for you all to follow, and I hope that you sign up for my newsletter. I will keep these picks free for you.

Everyone is welcome in here until they prove, they don't. Baseball Picks 2010 Keep the blog clean, meaning we don't and won't bash in here. Baseball Picks 2010 If you feel the need to, do it outside and there's no problem. Previous success or failure does not mean this year will be like last season.

I will be keeping track of the picks that I post to you here in the blog, and they will be in hypothetical $200.00 units; I have a current record that you can check at but for now we will start with 0-0-0 0% (+0 units). If I prove myself to be human and make a math error in my record please contact me to fix it.

Above all, the blog will remain POSITIVE towards others who post in it. I am here to provide you with free picks that I hope you will enjoy. Please visit my sponsor or consider donating to keep this alive!

Thanks guys,

Baseball Picks 2010

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