High School Player Scores 71 – Team Still Loses

Anders Broman

When a team requires it’s star player to score in bulk to be competitive, that team often isn’t all that successful. When a team’s star player scores 71 points in a game, however, it’s reasonable to assume they earned a victory. This wasn’t the case for Minnesota’s Lakeview Christian Academy last Saturday, as their star player Anders Broman put up a whopping 71 points and the team still lost to Melrose High, 114-1110. Broman’s 71 points was the second-highest individual point total in the history of Minnesota high school basketball, as the junior star for Lakeview Christian shot an unreal 67 percent from the field and tallied 47 of his 71 points in the second half alone. Not long ago, the 6’1″ point guard became the youngest player in the history of Minnesota to score 3,000 points in a high school career and has started to draw interest from major Division I programs across the country. Great players like Anders Broman who are mired on poor teams can often fly under the radar, and not get the chance they should at the next level. Scoring 71 points in a game, however, is scoring 71 points in a game, regardless of how much help you may or may not have. Broman will get a shot at the next level as this story makes it’s way around the Internet. Scoring in droves the way he has, as fast as he has, without much help is indeed a sign of special talent which needs to be cultivated and developed. Maybe the next time the young point guard puts up 70+, his team will help him out a little. I’m sure he’d appreciate it.

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