How To Keep A Clear Head While Betting

There is no greater challenge facing those who handicap basketball, or any other sport, than that of keeping a clear mind when everything is going wrong and the winners are few and far between. The most talented of handicappers can bite the dust in this psychological battle, where knowledge and know-how can be reduced to mental rubble.

One bookmaker said he knows average bettors will lose 10 times more than they’ll ever win, because they will stop wagering when they are $100 ahead but will keep sending good money after bad when they are losing. He says the strength of bookmaking is the fact the average bettor is satisfied to win back $100, but will spend $1,000 chasing his money in an attempt to win back an original bets of $100.

Successful professional gamblers have moved beyond this pyychological barrier and terrorized bookmakers because of their ability to win the mind games. They use a sound principle of money management that has them making bets when they are winning and minimum bets when they are losing.

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