Indians Killed It | 1-0 Yesterday

For 1 Unit:
[918] Cincinnati Reds -122
vs Detroit Tigers @7:10PM
*All selections today are supported by raw number “Basics”  and up.
In Cincinnati:
Here’s an interesting trend:
Road dog Starters with zero wins go 46-105 -37.55 units in August.
Buck Farmer looking for his first win and Keyvius Sampson looking to just be above .500
History says Sampson will have the advantage here.
Detroit’s bullpen has a nasty WHIP of 1.660 in Interleague games this season. Cincinnati’s pen on the other hand has thrived during interleague play with solid overall ERA of 3.41 so our guy has a nice fall back.
The Reds are 83-28 +41.61 units since Oct 03, 2009 as a home favorite after a loss as a favorite
A powerful, hot running 180-62 +87.06 unit System active.
That’s all for now. I may have 1 or 2 more later.
All the best,


(Last Update 8.24.2015)
CFL 15: 10-8-0 +0.55 Units
MLB 15: 149-138-4 +12.62 Units
NHL 14: 61-37-10 +22.55 Units
4114-3717-195 +633.05 Units
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