Las Vegas: World Series Potential Winner

We are looking at the Cincinnati Reds’ seasonal performance based expectancy. The blue line represents how well they have been performing in the last 15 days while the red line represent a cumulative performance data to date.

Any deviation from the two lines usually means the team is under-performing or over-performing to their potential. This is an important factor to consider all season long when betting bases. We all love the theory of the law of averages, but you never know when to apply it. Right? Just because a team is doing poorly for example doesn’t necessarily mean they are due to be a better one. What matters more is a consideration for a team to regress to its own mean.

Let’s take a look at the Reds here as play off candidates…here is an inside look (and maybe you can thank me later for a good futures wager) at why the Reds could win it all. Aside from the fact that the Reds have a great ratio of home win% to away win% (a great indicator of team quality); the Reds seem to be under-performing to their own potential right now. What this is going to mean to you, the bettor, is that you are probably going to get them at a great price. More importantly it means that the Reds have something in store for us all.

When looking at the two lines on this chart, try to look at it as a cyclic wave. Take this thought to the bank: you will find cycles in EVERYTHING…..except global warming I guess 🙂

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