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I got a couple of emails from you guys about the Minnesota Twins Schedule 2011. As some of you know, last year I was a pretty good fan. Mostly because they made me some good money. Looking over the Minnesota Twins schedule 2011, I see that they would have made you 9.3 units flat betting. You always have to appreciate the unexpected penny stock (Yes, I think of these teams as stocks; sorry if that offends anyone).

Here are a few things from last year, and then a few things about the Minnesota Twins Schedule 2011:

Minnesota Twins Schedule 2010:

Minnesota Twins Schedule 2011In 2010, the Twins were 94-71 SU beating their opponent by an average of 0.6 runs per game. The league's best were the Yankees winning by an average of 0.92 runs per game finishing 100-71 (but losing you 7.18 units flat betting them all season. The league's worst as far as runs per game would be the Pittsburgh Pirates finishing 57-105 losing you a whopping 22.26 units. But that isn't as much as the Mariners would have lost you! Seattle was a huge disappointment last year, and lost bettors 38.25 units. Our best gainer was actually the Giants, bringing home 20.8 units. Now that's a lot different than their 2008 season where they would have lost you 7.45 units. Pretty good sleeper they've been.

Minnesota Twins Schedule 2011Something that I find funny from 2010 is that the Mariners would have lost you the most money playing them, but made you the most money betting their under. Their pitching was great and their run production was awful. The Orioles beat the Mariners 22.4 to 15.1 units for playing the under. 

Minnesota Twins Schedule 2011:

Minnesota Twins Schedule 2011Why talk about the Twins in particular other than a few questions I got about them? Well the Twins were the perfect wild card team. When the Sox were hot no one saw them coming. They were our biggest gainer last year, and I don't think I would expect them to be again; however, we'll have a team like this every year.

Looking over the Minnesota Twins schedule 2011, it looks like they'll have 12 road trips the longest being 10 games versus the Rangers for a four game series, the Oakland Athletics  for 3 and the LA Angels for 3 as well.

The Twins won't have a single day break throughout the month of April, and will have and 18 game home to away 50/50 on Jul14 and a 20 game consecutive run starting August 12 going from away to home to away. That one will be rough. Mark down Sept. 4th against the Angels as a game you may consider playing against.

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