1RL Calculator | -1 Runline

The -1RL is NOT the -1.5RL:

The Money line and the Runline are two type of wagers offered by most books. The -1RL is something that you have to calculate yourself…most of the time. Some books do have this wager, and actually the ones that do essentially charge you a fee for putting it together. The -1.5 RL will offer better odds; however it is a more difficult bet while the moneyline will be more expensive with a higher likelihood to cash. An MLB Money line is for the team to win straight up and the MLB Runline is where the team must win by more than 1 run (if they win by a run YOU LOSE).

The -1RL wins if the team wins by more than one run AND it does not lose if your team only wins by a run. Rather, it will result in a push which means that you just get your money back. I often use this bet type in my MLB selections.

Click here to download the MLB -1 runline calculator in the screenshot below.

RL Calc