MLB Playoffs Baltimore Wins

Detroit35:30 PM ETBaltimore +1031.00
Baltimore12   WINNER!
“Alright, we have a full sized regular play on Baltimore for today. I have some solid reasons why you should bet them:
First off, they’re a “Strong” qualifying raw number play. That should say enough in itself…

*Raw number sides are 240-203 +38.35 units this season.*

PLAYOFFS SYSTEM: Since 2005, -110 to -120 small home favs and dogs off of a win are 25-10 (71.4%, +16.78 units, +47.3% roi) SU in the playoffs.
Baltimore beats Detroit in almost every catagory we like to consider. Their pitching is much better (bullpen WHIP per site, bullpen control, starter units earned, starter WHIP and control) and their hitting is slightly better. I’m not really sure what is making Detroit the favorite here. Max Scherzer strikes a lot of guys out; however, there is a fairly large difference between how many total runs each has allowed at their respective site. That bottom line stat is going to be a little bit more important. For us, Baltimore should have been the CLEAR favorite.
*I like a bet on Buck Showalter. He is my favorite manager in MLB. I think everyone has to love what he’s done for the Orioles since he came in 2010 to fix a highly broken team. He has more than succeeded and has also been a bettor’s dream (unless you’ve been betting against the Orioles). Under Buck Showalter, the Orioles are fired up going 72-62 (53.7%, +28.09 units, +19.2% roi) SU after facing 6 or more division opponents straight.
***Chris Tillman is 22-6 SU this season with the total under 9. That’s 10-4 (71.4%, +8.9 units) SU on the road and 12-2 (85.7%, +9.15 units) SU at home.”

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