MLB Sports Betting System for 5/26/2017

The NBA playoffs have taken a front seat for the past 6 weeks or so, but with a long layoff before the finals, it is back to MLB. Today in we will look at a strong MLB ‘fade’ sports betting system. This situation calls for playing against the road dog. A road dog off a close win. The twist is, when they are facing an opponent, whose offense has been a rumor of late, fueling money on the road dog.

mlb sports betting system
Let’s dig right in and have a close look at this MLB Betting System’s Parameters:

  1. Road dog of greater than 115 (true road dog)
  2. Won last game by 2 or less runs
  3. Opponent (play on team) has scored 3 or less runs in at least 4 straight games.
The teams under this sports betting system fold up like a 3 dollar tent as they are:
33-96 to an average line of 145.6 leaving their opponent with an ROI of 23.0%!

These anti-offense teams that have scored 3 or less runs four or more times in a row, emerge from the ashes. They produce 5.22 runs a game over the 129 games, good enough to win by 1.55 runs per contest!

So imagine if you will, a bettor looking at today’s card and seeing the Phillies. They’re a team that has a horrible record, and in a deep slump, having not scored better than 3 runs in 4 straight games. Opponent off a win, and getting a moderate dog status here? No one will touch the Phillies! The history deriving this betting system spells a different proposition!

Today, consider using this MLB sports betting system and taking a stab at the the Philadelphia Phillies. You can get the Phillies for about -132 home favorite odds over the Cincinnati Reds.

Best of luck,

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