NBA All Star Game Betting Trends

nba all star game betting trendsIn The News: NBA All Star Game 2016:

Almost all of the NBA’s biggest stars will be heading to Toronto for NBA All-Star Game Weekend. Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson and Draymond Green of the Golden State Warriorrs will be there playing for the Western Conference. NBA trade rumors: 25 candidates to be …

Pre NBA All Star Game Betting Trends:

  • The Bucks are 0-15 ATS (-9.61 ppg) as a home favorite with at most one day of rest after a game in which they scored at least 50 points in the paint.
  • The Thunder are 6-21 ATS (-7.50 ppg) with rest off a game in which there were 8 or more lead changes.
  • The Ducks in NHL are 24-7 +35.7% roi since Feb 05, 2008 as a road favorite after a game as a dog
  • The Thunder are 42-10 ATS (10.00 ppg) since Jan 08, 2011 at home after a win as a road favorite

Betting Systems and Trends suggest a play on: 
The New Orleans Pelicans +12 (we’re 3-2 ATS on these now)

Check NBA Raw Numbers here:

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