Free NBA Systems

NBA SYSTEM (#002 – NBA) 2.5.2012
When a team wins twice as an away dog, they become a good fade if they are a dog for a third time. In Database history, this trend is 108-69-3 ATS (1.2 ppg – 61.0%). Included in the SDQL text today is the undefined parameter: “and site.” Notice that in either case this on is a winner, but the third road stand is the toughest for the dog. To see how teams do at home OR on the road use this SDQL: “op:WAD and opp:WAD and F and site”

SDQL TEXT: “op:WAD and opp:WAD and F

RECORD: ATS 109-63-3 (1.2, 63.4%)


NBA SYSTEM (#005 – NBA) 2.5.2012
Play against a team averaging a -6 or worse average ppg margin playing at home after a squeak by win. In Database history, this weak home dog is shut down the next day 79-33-3 (2.7, 70.5%) ATS!

SDQL TEXT: “oA(margin)<=-6 and 5>op:margin>1 and A

RECORD: 79-33-3 (2.7, 70.5%)


NBA SYSTEM (#008 – NBA) 2.14.2012
Since many of my systems tend to look for contrarian value, this one in a large sample will probably match up with some of the others on some days. It is very simple: take big 10 point or more home dogs in the NBA. This is a professional sport, and a team at home shouldn’t ever be lined this much no matter who they are. With over 200 games sample, these home dogs hit at a crisp 58.5% rate of winners!

SDQL TEXT: “HD and line>10

RECORD: ATS:117-83-1 (2.1, 58.5%)