New England Top Play Lost…

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*Russell Wilson is in the top 15 guys in the league running the ball. He’s 30 yards behind Eddie Lacy and has more touchdowns than LeSean McCoy.
*Seattle Seahawk’s Richard Sherman protests Marshawns Lynch’s $100k not-talking-to-the-media fine
This season, the St. Louis Rams beat the Seahawks who beat the Broncos who beat the Cardinals who beat the Eagles and lost to the Cowboys who lost to the 49ers who lost to the Bears who lost to the Patriots who lost to the Dolphins who lost to the Bills who lost to the Chargers who lost to the Chiefs who lost to the Raiders. This is what makes NFL difficult to cap. Any given Sunday…
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2014 NFL Top Play Total – 7-1 (87.5%) ATS

Sunday, November 30

New England214:25 PM ETNew England +3 TOP PLAY1.00
Green Bay26NE ML +1520.65
In Green Bay (TOP PLAY):
“Do you see any similarities between Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers and how they’ve elevated their games?”
Belichick: They both wear number 12  Quote [Belichick leaves the building].
Bill Bellichick has always been vague with the media. Never inciting anything and just showing up and whooping ass. Might as well have said that they’re both quarterbacks, they sometimes make touchdowns and throw balls. I was surprised to see his team as underdogs here as they’re ranked first in the league on the Sagarin USA today chart, their opponent, the Packers struggled this season and with a fairly easy schedule comparatively, Patriots are leading the league in points scored adjusted to non defensive scoring, Packers are second to last in the league for offensive possessions after the Saints (troubles on defense?), Patriots 1st in the league for average scoring possessions, they’re in the top five in the league for fewest QB getting sacked’s, Packers second in the league next to the over rated Eagles for non-offensive touchdowns scored, over on defense, the Packers are struggling averaging a top 10 bad TY’s per game at 369.8 while the Patriots are over in the top 15. Packers are in the top 5 in the league for worst rushing yards per attempt defenses. If there has ever been somebody who could be versitile in a tough game, it is Bill Belichick. If somehow the sky falls and Brady can’t make it to beast Gronkowski there is plenty of room to hit the Packers shoddy rush defense up for some extra pickup yards.
Alright now hold on tight:
*Tom Brady is 13-4 ATS as an underdog. 10-6 SU 12-4 ATS with a line -0.5 to +6.5.
**Bill Belichick and the Patriots are 50-9 SU (+8.76 ppg, 84.7%) after allowing 10 or fewer points last game.
**The Patriots are on fire right now and Bill Belichick and the Patriots are 35-2-0 (+10.78 ppg, 94.6%) SU after covering the spread in 6 or more of their last 8 games.
Based on those things getting the Patriots at +152 right now how they’re playing if a bettor’s dream come true.
I am aware of the level that Rodgers is playing at in home game; however, the Patriot’s secondary is unlike the teams Rodgers has been up against: Eagles, Saints, Vikings, Bears, Panthers. The Patriots defense has dealt with the Lions (“best defense in NFL”), Colts, Broncos in their last 3. Also interesting: the most similar offense we’ve seen the Packers defense go up against was theNew Orleans Saints in which they allowed a massive 44 points and lost the game.

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