New York Giants +5.5 Top Play Wins

Sorry for the late send. This took me a bit of deliberation.
In a poll, it said, ‘Which 2-0 is least likely to make the playoffs’ — the choices were Panthers, Falcons, Cowboys, Cardinals, Bengals, Broncos, Jets, Patriots, Packers.
The top two were the Jets with 34.8% of the votes and Cowboys with 20.8% of the votes.
-The Jets have been bad for a long time, but dumped Rex Ryan who is terrible in my opinion.
-The Cowboys lost Tony Romo
I love the Jets and Cowboys moving foward as possible contrarian wagers.
The Broncos were voted most likely, next Cardinals, next Bengals, then Packers, Falcons, Patriots and Panthers in that order (descending). I find it interesting that the Packers and Patriots were voted higher…
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Week 4 Selections:

–Top Plays (1)

10/4/15 1:00PM New York Giants vs Buffalo Bills

New York Giants +5.5
1.5 units (Top Play)* WINNER!
–Runner Ups (1)

10/5/15 8:30PM Detroit Lions vs Seattle Seahawks

Seattle Seahawks -9.5 PENDING
1.25 units
–Rest of the herd (2)

10/4/15 1:00PM Carolina Panthers vs Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Carolina Panthers -3
1 unit WINNER!
*All Selections are supported by Raw Numbers greater than 1 TDs edge along with Systems and Trends
In New York (Top Play):*
I like the Giants to win this one straight up for a lot of reasons. Looking at recent stats, this looks like an easy win for the Bills, but one thing you never want to do is back a team off of a big blowout game. The Bills accomplished something big last week in Miami and won’t have their heads in this game. I have a 54% chance for the Giants to win straight up which is great if you’re getting 5.5 points…
A couple of top notch system active on this one that more or less say it all. Here they are:
This is a perfect time for an under the radar team to build up momentum. Tom Coughlin knows that….
*TOM COUGHLIN is 21-10-0 67.7% SU +5.03 ppg and 21-10-0 ATS after a division win. He’s one of the best coaches in the league at rounding up the team; getting their pants back to go back to work. Lots of coaches and players look at this as a time to loosen the belt. This week, we’ll see what makes Tom Coughlin a lot better than everyone thinks of him right now.
*LeSean McCoy is doubtful for Sunday. Very key running back for Buffalo.
*TOM COUGHLIN is 45-27-0 62.5% ATS on the road with the Giants as long as they aren’t favored by more than -3. The road dog spot is good for the Giants.
Lots of things add up here.
In Carolina:
Technical raw number play here.
In Seattle: (Runner Up)
Since 2005, the Seahawks are a massive 6-0 (+16.00 ppg) SU and 6-0 ATS at home on Monday Night Football. The crowd will make it impossible for even the most elite QB’s to do any kind of play calling here.
**The Lions have had a hard time on the road for a very long time, and recently it hasn’t gotten any better.Since 2000, the Lions are an ugly 24-92-0 -8.6 ppg 20.7% SU (46-68 ATS). OUCH!
The Lions will be competitive, but will be overcome by the 1-3 Seahawks rabid to get to break even. This is the place to do it!

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