NFL: Nailed Top Play + 3-2 +$939.00

*Top Play
**Runner Up
Sunday, November 4th Result Status Pick Amount
Arizona WINNER! 1:00 PM ET **Green Bay -11 2.00
Green Bay        
Chicago Lost 1:00 PM ET Tennessee +3.5 1.90
Baltimore WINNER! 1:00 PM ET *Baltimore -3.5 3.00
Minnesota WINNER! 4:05 PM ET Seattle -4 1.70
Dallas Lost 8:20 PM ET Dallas +4 1.50
-Projected: *RAVENS  24 BROWNS 16
-The Brown’s last win is keeping this line much smaller; however, two things happened — The Browns were ravenous for another win,  played well and the Chargers just did what they do for the Brownies. Cleveland now has (probably) their main man Trent Richardson Questionable already injured before the game with the Chargers. 
-A lot of my buddies say the Browns are a lot better than everyone thinks. Maybe true; however consider that they are only 2-6 after dealing with the 4th EASIEST schedule in the NFL. The Browns, my friends, aren’t a good team. And now they are facing a road favorite that went into their last BYE 5-2 off of an embarrassing loss. I wouldn’t want to deal with the Ravens right now; especially if I was a bad team with a key player injury.
Remember the first time these teams met this season? The line was a whopping 12 points and the Ravens pulled a 6 point win; now we get a -3.5 point line. 
-The Browns are 0-4 SU and 0-4-0 ATS against the Ravens since 2008 at home:
-2008 > Line -2 :  Lost by 10 points
-2009 > Line +11 : Lost by 16 points
-2010 > Line +3.5 : Lost by 10 points
-2011 > Line +7 : Lost by 14 points
add to that…
-Projected: **PACKERS 28 CARDINALS 14
-Since 2009, the Packers are 9-4 ATS (+6.4 ppg) – 12-1 (+19.8 ppg) SU as 10+ point favorites.

-Since 1999, a team off of a Monday night loss (15 pts or more) is 31-48-3 (-2.66, 39.2%) the next week (fade Arizona).

-The Arizona Cardinals are just 1-13-0 (-10.3 ppg) ATS since 2003 as a road dog after a game where they were sacked 4+ times.
*Since 1991, large (10+ point) home favorites going into a bye week are 28-15-1 ATS
-The Packers rank about 7-8th in the League with a the 6th toughest schedule so far.

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