NFL Week One Free Betting System

Pretty simple here: Since 1990, home favorites in week one are 40-16-5 (+5.69 ppg, 71.4%) ATS if they are facing a team who had a betting win record last season than they did.

Since 2001, that is 30-7 SU and 27-8 (+5.2 ppg, 77.1%) ATS [avg. line -3.5] (same conditions).

This week consider a second look at the following teams:

NFL Week One Betting System
Broncos -7.5
Browns -1.0
Cowboys -3.5
Lions -5.0
Saints -3.0


Usually we’ll make a move on a team in this sort of spot when / if the system trigger matchups up with the raw numbers. You can check out the raw number here: for FREE this week.

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