NFL Week Seven Results: 3-2 +$1020.00

**Top Play
*Runner Up
Sunday, October 28th Result Status Pick Amount
San Diego Lost 1:00 PM ET San Diego -2.5 1.00
Indianapolis WON 1:00 PM ET *Indianapolis +3.5 1.90
Oakland WON 4:05 PM ET *Oakland +1 1.50
Kansas City        
N.Y. Giants WON 4:25 PM ET **N.Y. Giants -1 2.10
New Orleans Lost 8:20 PM ET New Orleans +6 1.00
No top play this week. NYG is the closest (you could flat bet NYG, OAK and IND the same if you want), here’s why…
In Dallas:
-Projected: GIANTS 28 – DALLAS 21
First off, the thing in my mind that makes this not the sharpest play is that Dallas has roughed the 2nd toughest schedule in the NFL and defeated my expectations last week. Of course, they were #1 as far as SOS, but now #2 after the Panthers who we rank in the lower rungs of the NFL. Doesn’t say a lot for last week’s win for Dallas; mostly just momentum. On the other hand….
*Tom Coughlin is an awesome 20-8-0 (+5.25 ppg, 71.4%) ATS after a win at home now playing on the road as the head coach of the Giants.
This link shows you that where he’s playing the next game doesn’t matter all that much: Check it out.
*Coughlin is also a good momentum guy: he’21-6-0 (6.02, 77.8%) ATS on the road after two or more straight wins as the head coach of NYG.
-Both teams have injuries piled up so in these cases I tend to look at what the coaches and QBs do a bit more. I’ve seen Coughlin work wonders under heavy injury.
-Dallas Key Running Back Demarco Murray is doubtful for Sunday. Tack on a large mismatch between the Giants defensive line (Great) and the Dallas Offensive line (Poor).
In Cleveland:
-Projected: CHARGERS 27 – BROWNS 18
*Road Favorites coming off of a bye week are 75-46-2 (2.63, 62.0%) ATS since 1990. 31-10-1 (6.86, 75.6%) since 2004.
In Tennessee:
-Projected: COLTS 23 – TITANS 21
*The Tennessee Titans are just SU: 4-8-0 (-7.7) and ATS: 3-9-0 (-5.5) since 2000 after a win that put them a game below .500.
*The Titans are just SU: 3-7-0 (-6.5) / ATS: 0-10-0 (-11.0) as a favorite one game below .500. Check it out: 
This game has playoff implications, and we expect both teams to take it seriously; it really could come down to a field goal so have the +3.5 or better yet +4 if it rolls late.
On Luck:
*Luck is still under scrutiny. This is why he was hired, and it shouldn’t (in theory) be hard to prove everyone wrong and become more than just a rookie: Tennessee has an awful pass defense giving up a whopping 7.6 yards per play and 281 yards on average. On top of that they struggle on the most important down: 3rd down. Luckily for us last week, 4th down turned out to be the most important down  …. see, I’ll admit when we’re lucky just as much as when we’re unlucky. It really just goes both ways; you need to admit that to yourself. Andrew knows what I’m talking about.
In Kansas City:
-Projected: RAIDERS 23 KC CHIEFS 20

*Teams looking ahead to a conference game where they are expected to be the underdog are just ATS: 87-134-3 (-1.7) as Sunday favorites.

We’re ranking the Chiefs dead last right now. Ever heard of a team doing badly for a number 1 round draft pick? Nah that’s non-sense. 
Even if the Chiefs try here though, the Raiders have the Better qb over Brady Quinn and a better defensive line allowing 1.1 total yards.

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