NHL Systems


Play against a Away Favorite off of 3 or more wins by more than one goal. Three straight clear, hard fought wins deserves a breather. In database history, the home dog is a solid proposition winning 56.9% (49-37 SU, 0.3 ppg). This improves if that same away favorite has extended that streak to 4 or more wins by more than one goal. Now it is really breather time unless this team is possessed. For a NHL dog system this is really quite good: 26-9 SU (74.3%) wins for the home dog if the road fav. has extended a streak 4 games winning each by 2 or more goals!

SDQL TEXT: “AF and Sum(margin > 1@team and season,N=4) = 4.0

RECORD: SU: 9-26 (-1.0, 25.7%…74.3% SU Dog Winners!)



Take a favorite off of three or more straight losses facing a team off of four or more straight losses. In database history this is SU: 59-26 (0.99, 69.4%).

SDQL TEXT: “F and p:L and pp:L and ppp:L and op:L and opp:L and oppp:L and opppp:L

RECORD: SU: 59-26 (0.99, 69.4%)



Take the road team when poor defense meets previous blowout loss. If the road team just allowed 5 or more goals in their last and the home team just got blown out by 3 or more goals, the road team is the higher frequency dog winner! In database history this is SU: 75-51 (0.23, 59.5%)! That is a pretty good percent for a dog system for the last five seasons. The average line is +122.6 for this doggie.

SDQL TEXT: “A and opo:goals>=5 and p:margin<=-3 and season>=2007

RECORD: SU: 75-51 (0.23, 59.5%)



Doubling up your money is never a good thing so what we like to do is look for those situations where many bettors would be on their “[C]” or “[D]” triple or quadruple up spot. There is some logic in the theory of due, but with SDQL, one can manage risk by letting these breaking points come to us. Here’s one to look for if you like the chalk. Look for a favorite who just lost 3 or more consecutive games now facing an underdog who is on a 2 or more game tear. This dog is a dog for a reason, and the favorite is marked down for us. So while the double uppers are having their doubts ponying up on this true favorite, we’ll take the value. The average line is -151 and this is a 65.5% SU winner.

SDQL TEXT: “F and p:L and pp:L and ppp:L and op:L and opp:L

RECORD: SU: 150-79 (0.86, 65.5%)



Here’s a good Over/Under trend to keep in your back pocket: poor defense meets poor defense. One team just had three straight games or more where the opponent got 3 or more goals on them while the other guys are off of two or more straight allowing 5 or more goals! This has OVER written all over it right? Wrong! Database history shows us that this average total line of 5.7 goes UNDER 77% of the time in a 65+ game sample! Count on these teams to buckle down now and for that line to be set too high. Set the total greater than 5, and it immediately improves! Try typing “and total” to see that.
RECORD: OU: 14-47-5 (-0.94, 23.0%)



Take a home dog off of a 3 goal loss at home now facing and opponent off of a road win. Road streaks are tough to pull off and two home defeats is an embarrassment so two good premises collide here to yield an awesome 21-8 72.4% home dog money line record!
RECORD: SU: 21-8 (1.07, 72.4%)



Take the under when a team off of a home blowout loss (3 goals or more) meets a teams off of a home blowout win (3 goals or more). In database history, this is UO: 57-24-5 (+0.57, 70.4%)
RECORD: UO: 57-24-5 (+0.57, 70.4%)



Take the Over when a team just played at home and the total score between both teams was no more than 1 goal in March. In database history, this is OU: 20-12-5 (+0.36, 62.5%)
RECORD: OU: 20-12-5 (+0.36, 62.5%)