Oakland Athletics Top Play Cashes

OaklandWINNER!2:05 PM ETOakland -1471.00

This one is divisional, but not quite a “basic”

I still like it a lot though.
You might consider the White Sox today because they are a basic divisional side.
I’m passing there though because the White Sox are 14-23 -12.8 units in their division and Tigers 24-13 +10.7 units. Huuuuge differential.
But then again…one could argue that it adds to the contrarian value of the bet…
Anyways, the Astros came close again today as well. Passing here because they have a very used up bullpen.
With that said, a first five inning bet for Houston is definitely something to consider.
In Oakland:
Both hot trends plus a solid raw number edge.
CFL Starts today! I’ll have the raw numbers up shortly!

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